May 7, 2020

March 18, 2020

To all our families that are home with your littles, we are thinking of you and we miss you all!

Today, we were able to come up with a schedule that mirrors our to help you out!

Kids thrive with consistency and routine and as we all know being thrown off can wreak havoc on their emotions and behaviors.

We have sent this as a resource please don’t feel forced to follow it, we just want to help families as much as possible. In the next few days we will be sharing more resources to help you keep your little one engaged!


March 16, 2020

“This was shared with us this morning and it was too good not to share with our associates and our supporters.”  – Chantel and Zack Pettengill 

Good morning!

I just wanted to give a little encouragement…these are interesting times and unchartered waters we are in. A global novel pandemic hasn’t occurred in any of our lifetimes. You might be getting up and feeling anxious today or saying “why in the world are daycares open if schools are closed?!”.

Because we are the Helpers. In times of crises you will often hear that we should look FOR the helpers and not at the chaos. That’s us.

The world must go on- if we all succumb to fear and the entire world shuts down…people can’t work (including many of the doctors and nurses we provide care for), critical care can’t be provided, businesses close, hourly employees don’t get paid. The government isn’t equipped to cover all these expenses and an even greater season of hardship will come.

So what do we do? We show up. We become the calm in the chaos, the light in the darkness. We provide consistency for little children who won’t understand why everything has changed on a dime. We ask “how can I help you?” and we mean it.

We GET to be a beacon, we GET to show care in a world gone mad.

Does it feel counterintuitive at times? Sure. But common sense and the CDC tells us that 80% of us will get the virus at some point in the next 18 months and it won’t be any worse than a bad cold. Obviously, those at risk have to take more precautions but for most of us with healthy immune systems it’s time to show up and do everything we can to love these kiddos and their families through the craziness.

Love you guys! 

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March 15, 2020

MARCH 13, 2020

MARCH 12, 2020

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