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Family and Teacher Reviews

My son has attended Pettengill Academy since he was 5 months old and is now 4 yo. PA has been a location where since day one I felt the love and care they showed to my child. Being a first time parent, like many of you, I was a nervous wreck thinking I was dropping my infant child off in the hands of someone I had only met once. Chantel eased that transition over the first few days sending me images of my happy baby playing and snuggling. Since that time, Chantel and Zack have expanded their daycare into a center and hired many staff to provide the best support and care for all children enrolled. We have been lucky enough to be a part of this expansion and growing family as all staff become family. All staff within that building know every student’s name and support in different rooms when the needs arise. It’s so nice to hear all the teachers saying goodbye to Carter as he walks down the hall past their classrooms at the end of the day. Every day upon entry and leaving we are greeted with pleasantries and a warm smile. We are provided with communication with Carter’s needs and health throughout each day if any concerns arise. I’ve also had the privilege to volunteer within PA and see the true inner workings of the day. There is constantly staffing maintaining safety for our children, playing with them on the floor, engaging them and encouraging learning through play. We are proud member of the PA family; they are the ones who we trust to help our son grow, learn, be safe, but ultimately just be a kid. We highly recommend Pettengill Academy for your childcare needs.
Jennifer and Joe Cormier
Pettengill Academy has been great for my daughter. She started there almost 2 years ago at age 3 and really loves it. She loves it so much she doesn’t want to go to leave for Kindergarten in the fall. Chantel & Zack work very hard to accommodate parent schedules. They are always there when I drop my daughter off and they are always there when I pick her up after 9 ½ hours. Oftentimes they spend weekends doing improvements to the facility. They truly care about the kids and their employees. When schools and most daycares are closed due to weather, they make every effort to be open as much as possible while also being mindful of their employees traveling in dangerous conditions. Most daycares take 2-3 weeks off and every holiday. PA only takes 1 full week off per year. They are even open the day after Christmas! They also offer healthy & nutritious lunches. Chicken nuggets are made from real chicken and breaded, not processed. I also appreciate that they don’t push children into doing things they aren’t ready for. PA has been a great place for preparing toddlers for school with their pre k program. I’m amazed at the things my daughter already knows and learned while at PA. Communication is very important and the sticker charts are such a great way to learn how my daughter’s day went. It’s like a daily report card and I’m really pleased this was implemented. Overall, my daughter loves going to Pettengill Academy “aka school”.
Wendy Mcgraw
I have worked at Pettengill Academy for almost 2 years now, both my children also attend school there. Chantel and Zack are two of the easiest people to work for. Most understanding, generous people I've ever met. With my son being born early and in and out of the hospital they were more concerned about my son then me coming into work, not like other bosses I've had in the past. They care deeply about their employees and their students who attend school there. Me and my children love them, and are so thankful for them! My daughter looks forward to daycare every day to see her teachers and friends. And everyone is always happy to see both kids. Everyone is more like family then coworkers and bosses.
Emmy Beaulieu
Associate and Parent