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Pettengill Academy Values


At Pettengill Academy, we operate using four core values:

  1. We offer dependable and reliable care.

We make every attempt to keep the Center open in inclement weather. We are also only closed for 9 holidays and for 1 week of vacation a year (or workshop days). Parents can rely on us for consistent care of their student.

  1. We are committed.

We are committed to providing leadership and mentoring for our students, staff, and the families we serve. We empower both our staff and the students we care for to reach their full potential. We are committed to achieve the greatest levels of excellence in childcare, in education, in the community and everything we do. We are committed to build strong healthy relationships with each other, our students, and their families along with the community.

  1. We are innovative and creative.

We strive to be highly professional, innovative, creative, efficient and effective. We dare to dream. We collaborate with staff, families and the community to be able to excel at meeting the childcare and early learning needs of the community. We find new ways to work on keeping the environment clean. We look for ways beyond recycling to make sure we are caring for the world we live in.

  1. We are loving, nurturing and fun.

We value a research based learning curriculum, Pinnacle where students are leaders in their learning. We create an uplifting and positive atmosphere for students and staff. We also create a fun learning experience in a secure, safe and loving environment.