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Infant Program

"Your Baby Begins to Explore and Discover the World Around Them."

Two Infant Rooms To Allow Full Exploration

Pettengill Academy has two infant classrooms, one for non-mobile infants and another for our infants that can move. This allows our infants to spend a majority of their day on the floor exploring, discovering and developing.

Breast Feeding Friendly
(Formula is welcomed too!)

We have set up our infant rooms to support families choices on how they would like to feed their babies. Both of infant rooms have a fridge for fresh breastmilk storage and we have freezer storage for families who choose to bring in frozen breastmilk as well. We also welcome moms who are breast feeding and have the availability to come in to do a mid-day feeding. If a dad has availability, he is welcome to come in and do a mid-day bottle feeding as well! 

Individualized Care

The daily schedule in our infant room is determined by each individual infant. We work with each family to match your routine as seamlessly as possible and making things easier for you. Feel relaxed and count on us to support you and your little one, connecting with you regularly, while gradually making any adjustments needed along the way.


Pettengill Academy Diaper Club

In effort to continuously provide our families with the best value added service and care for your student, Pettengill Academy proudly announces our Diaper Subscription Program for all our infants and young toddlers while at school.

Parents have an option to opt in for a small additional weekly fee and we will supply the diapers for your student while they are here at daycare up to size 6 diapers. Pull Ups and larger sizes are not a part of the program at this time. 

Learn more here. 

Get Real Time Updates Through Out The Day

You will receive real time updates with our parent communication app, HiMama. It allows us to send safe and secure messages as well as share what your student did that day, pictures of them learning and playing with friends, to share our menu and monthly newsletters and any other information parents may need to know. You are also able to communicate with teachers through out the day as well. 

A Fresh Start to Food

When your baby is ready to start eating solid foods, we’ll work with you to ensure whatever you’re doing at home we follow through with you, including any dietary restrictions or allergies they may have. We make our own puree foods in house with fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits. It’s never too early to start fresh, healthy eating habits. Our Schools participate in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP). 

Spark Your Infants Learning

Even at this young age we can inspire creativity, through curiosity! Our classes each have creative themes and we engage infants in a variety of stimulating activities daily.

Your infant will be introduced to:

  • Music and art
  • Sensory activities that fine-tune motor skills
  • Simple sign language as a basis for communication and language skills
  • Lots of communication, being silly and smiles!


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