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2020 – 2021 MICRO-SCHOOL Program

Distant Learning Support and Full Day Pre-K Program with Our New Micro-School Program

2020 has definitely brought up many challenges for working parents and our students with the goals of flattening of the COVID-19 curve. Being parents of school age student ourselves, we understand the stress that the parents in our community are under with trying to juggle being a working parent and meeting the needs of their student’s schooling.


To help meet these needs, we have been working hard and will continue to work hard to create our Micro-School. With my background in Elementary Education, we will be working with both our administration and our facilitators to ensure students are completing the work planned out by their school as well as adding enrichment to ensure students are receiving a well rounded and fun education in a safe and healthy facility.


We are a team working with families and schools to make sure students are learning as well as allowed to be kids!


Micro-School for Grades K-6

Our goal with this new program is to facilitate the learning set forth for each child from the school department. Each group will have a facilitator the will help support the children complete what is required for them.

The classrooms will be set up with tables and flexible seating options for students to work at. We want students to be comfortable to help them focus on their learning.

We are also setting up one of our new playgrounds to allow for outdoor learning as well to give them a break from being indoors.

Along with the school work, students will also participate in various enrichment activities to help round out their learning. They will be able to create art, do various crafts, and have fun exploring science experiements.

Benefits of Our Micro-School

  • Small Group Sizes with group maximums of 13 students in each Micro-School Classroom.


  • Teachers will facilitate the distant learning required by the school district.


  • Additional Enrichment such as Arts and Science included weekly.


  • A safe and healthy space for the kids while they are not in school.


  • Full Day Care


  • Lunch and PM Snack Included


  • Kids can be kids!! With lots of time and space to play and get energy out.

Daily Schedule - Kindergarten Cohort

Daily Schedule-1st and 2nd Grade Cohort

Daily Schedule- 3rd-6th Grade Cohort

*** Schedules are subject to change ***