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Pre-K Program

Pre-K Program

Welcome to Pettengill Academy’s Pre-K Program.

We are very excited for you to be joining on of our classrooms. We are getting ready to head off to school and typically are between 3 years to 5 years old in age.

Our days are spent researching the world around us as we really start to notice how the world reacts to us and how we affect it. We spend a lot of time being social by forming large groups at play and individual friendships for those moments we want to slow down. We spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying whatever Maine graces us with for weather and use the large natural playground.

We learn from the Pettengill Academy LEARN curriculum to get ourselves ready for school. Depending upon the activity we might learn in the classroom or outside.

At Pettengill Academy, our goal is for all students to leave our Pre-K classrooms with the following skills:

  • How to write first and last name
  • Identify, write and count to 30
  • One to one correspondence
  • Have the concepts of more/less, big/small, long/short, most/fewest
  • Identify 2D and 3D shapes
  • Concept of Patterning
  • Concept of Same and Different
  • Identify and Write the Alphabet
  • Recognize punctuation and spacing of words
  • Have a concept of high frequency words
  • and other developmental skills depending on the students in the class.

** Please note every student develops and learns at a different rate. These are goals for our students, but not all students might not have these concepts before going to kindergarten and that is ok. **